Sending emails

Event Listener: Skynet\EventListener\SkynetEventListenerEmailer

Skynet has built-it method for sending responses from clusters to specified email address by using PHP's sendmail. When sending emails option is enabled then email is sending every time when response is created on server that create response (or if response is generated from code and e.g. launching from CRON). By default, there is no specified email address of receiver in config file (default address is set) - you must specify email address itself in:


by placing your email address in:


After that, if an email address is specified you must enable sending emails on cluster. You can do this by setting Skynet registry option email to value 1.

To enable sendmail option on cluster, type in webconsole:

@opt_set email:"1";

This will enable email sending for all clusters in network.
If you want to enable option only on specified cluster you must mixed this option with command @to, like that:

@opt_set email:"1";

(remember about separate commands with coma ";" and press "Send request")

To disable email sending set option to "0".

Sended emails are also logged in database and text logs (if enabled).
Full API Documentation is included in Skynet packages available on GitHub.