What is Skynet?

Skynet Framework is powerful, easy to use GNU/GPL licensed remote control package and cluster-based network connections builder written in PHP.
With Skynet you can create different instances of Skynet (called "clusters") and place them on different servers and then connects with them and sending data between them.

Skynet clusters works on request-response architecture as peer-to-peer clusters. They can connects between itselfs, requesting data, responds for them and more. Skynet have self-replication and self-update mechanisms, so you can clone or update your clusters even by remote easy access. Event-listener architecture implemented in Skynet allows you to create your own Event Listeners with easy to use API and allow you to expand Skynet's capabilities according to your needs. Skynet can operate in two modes - as PHP script administrated by browser and in PHP CLI. Thanks to both of these features Skynet offers console interface for quick and easy commands sending and parameters to other clusters. Skynet clusters work on dynamically created databases based on information from other clusters, requests and responses. Framework also have powerful logging system works on .txt files and database. Skynet is ONLY ONE FILE compiled from source classes (compiler is included). This feature allows you to operate Skynet easily using a single file from any location.

NOTE: Skynet can be some of kind C&C service and can offers powerful possibilites with this. Please do not use Skynet for illegal purposes.

Most important features of Skynet:

  • Peer to peer clusters architecture
  • Requesting and responding data via internal connections based on easy to use parameters
  • Self updating registry about other clusters
  • Broadcast mode (clusters to clusters | many-to-many peer-to-peer connections)
  • Event Listeners based, easy to extend architecture of API
  • It is only one file whitch is compiling from sources (you can extends Skynet by your own methods and compile all into single file)
  • Powerful event log system
  • Build-in console
  • Works in two modes: browser and CLI
  • Easy to integration with tools like CRON
  • Remote code execution
  • Remote shell access
  • Remote files transfers
  • Administration panel via browser
  • PDO multiple database engines support
  • Self-update engine (even via remote)
  • Self-clone engine (even via remote)
  • Easy to extends and customization
  • Factory based connections adapters (you can implements you own connection methods, CURL is included)
  • Factory based data encryption (you can implements you own algorithms, openSSL and Mcrypt are included)
  • Factory based event and logger listeners (you can create your own listeners and data loggers)
  • Sending responses via email engine included
  • Debugger included
  • Sleep and wakeup clusters commands included
  • Full API documentation in PHPDOC
  • It's all in one
Skynet Framework is under GNU/GPL license, so it's absolutely free to use but if you like it and think that Skynet is helpful to you - you can donate to the project with BTC.
Full API Documentation is included in Skynet packages available on GitHub.