Skynet files structure

After you download and unpack (or clone) repository from GitHub then you should see files structure of Skynet:

- _compiled/ - compiled standalone versions will be placed here by default
- _download/ - folder for downloaded files
- logs/ - log files
- manual/ - manual and API documentation
- src/ - Skynet core, source classes
- skynet_dev.php - Non-compiled Skynet cluster (works on classes from /src directory via autoloader)
- skynet_client.php - Example of Skynet Client (intergration with other applications)
- skynet.php - Compiled Skynet cluster (all classes are compiled into single standalone file)
- compiler.php - Comilater script whitch compiling sources from /src folder into single standalone file
- keygen.php - Skynet Key ID generator
- pwdgen.php - Password hash to Skynet Panel generator
- README.MD - Readme file
- CHANGELOG.txt - Changelog
- TODO.txt - TO DO LIST in next versions
- LICENSE.txt - License
- VERSION - version info

As you see you have two versions of Skynet cluster by default:

- skynet_dev.php - version with autoloader works on classes from src/ directory. You can use this version for development and tests
- skynet.php - compiled version with all classes from src/ directory included itself. This is the "production version" - one single file to put on server after compile from src/

You can work on this two versions (when you launch both you will see that these two works exacly the same at now), but the idea od Skynet clusters is to operate on standalone compiled versions called here "clusters".

You will see also:

skynet_client.php - Client for Skynet connections. This is a simple example shows how to integrate Skynet with other applications

Full API Documentation is included in Skynet packages available on GitHub.